Optimize Office Workflows

Improve office workflows during and after office visits, as well as for proactive patient outreach. See resources and strategies below.
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Incorporate New Vaccination Workflows into Your Practice

Recommended office workflows can help ensure that patients are getting the vaccinations they need.
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Leverage EHR and IIS

Electronic Health Record systems (EHR) and Immunization Information Systems (IIS or ‘immunization registries’) can help with vaccine assessments, reminders, recalls, and documentation.
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Proactively Reach Out to Your Patients

Customized outreach can influence your patients’ decision to get recommended vaccines.
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View Recommended Immunization Schedules

Vaccine adherence is critical for providing maximum effectiveness against vaccine-preventable diseases.
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Make Referrals to Pharmacies and Other Providers

Some providers do not stock vaccines, so it is necessary to refer patients to another vaccine provider.
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View Best Practices and Other Resources

Find other resources.

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