These tools and strategies can help your practice address disparities for vaccine-preventable diseases, including COVID-19, across all age groups. Learn more.
These tools and strategies can help your practice identify and fill workflow gaps, including assessing vaccination status, enhancing vaccine communications, providing vaccine education, and improving vaccine management and administration in your office.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations

Find information for administration, storage and handling, reporting, and patient education. Visit the CDC website to learn more. Learn why healthcare personnel need to be vaccinated.


Find flu-related information and resources to help you vaccinate your patients, especially those at high risk, against flu.

Vaccines During COVID-19

Ensuring immunization services are maintained or re-initiated is essential for protecting individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. This includes the flu vaccine and those at high risk of serious complications.

COVID & Flu Vaccine Finder

Help your patients find COVID and flu vaccines by visiting


As a healthcare provider, a strong vaccination recommendation to your patients is critical. The CDC suggests using the SHARE method.